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at one point, the raves were up to 15 feet high. adam may is tracking the storm's path in ocean city. and man wale gale us has more. but first, let's go to adam may. you name it, we have seen it here in ocean city. started rainy. then it was greery. now, it's sunny. big waves making for dangerous water conditions. at the height of the storm, giant waves slammed into the beach. >> waves are probably some of the biggest i've ever seen. and it's pretty eerie. >> reporter: dangerous riptides prompted officials to prohibit swimming for a second day in a
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row. but some risked it anyway. >> it's crazy. >> one man was even arrested for skinny dipping with hurricane earl. there was no -- there there were no serious rescues at all during the hurricane. and it was almost like a tourist attraction, drawing people to the beach to see waves they've never seen like this in their lifetime. >> the waves are absolutely beautiful. >> reporter: the mayor says hurricane earl could have damaged beach front businesses, if not for a million dollars spent every year on beach front projects. they keep the dunes high and the water where it belongs. >> there were a lot of properties on the ocean front that were vulnerable. and now they have a natural buffer. and it made a difference. >> reporter: by the afternoon, it was tourists, not water, flooding back to the boardwalk. and another positive change here in ocean city. less than an hour ago, the
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beach patrol did decide to let surfers back in the water. you see them bobbing around out here. it's pretty impressive to watch. these are very big waves. yes, 14 feet high at times. and these guys are actually catching pretty good waves once when n a while. i talked to the beach patrol a couple of minutes ago. had a lot of good information here. we're going to have the interview for you coming up on eyewitness news at 6 children 30. -- 6:30. for now, we are live in ocean city. adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> a different breed of folk. first warning weather coverage continues now with bob turk and meteorologist tim williams with a look at earl's path. we begin with bob in the first warning weather center. >> as you can see the skies are heading up toward eastern new england. see that spin? storm sitting i'd say about southeast of new york. headingum toward eastern massachusetts. -- heading up toward eastern massachusetts. offshore, they still have a
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hurricane warning out for cape cod. may see tropical storm force winds later tonight. for us, out west, it's going to bring us a big change. a nice weather pattern shaping up for the weekend. let's take a look at the last track we had coming in for earl. still a category 1 storm. doesn't look like those winds will impact cape cod. but they could see some tropical storm force winds, as the system continues to evolve. it will weaken as it moves up toward eastern canada, running toward the very cold waters up there. yeah, that's where the waters are. temperatures in the water, only in the upper to low 50s. clouds moving out across the region. and looks like a great setup for the weekend. tim in the outback, with a look at the current advisories for the weekend. >> a picture says a thousand words. and you saw in adam may's picture, how the waves are really crashing into the beach there in ocean city. that is the reason now that we have a coastal flood statement. basically, a special weather
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statement is what is in effect for the beaches, basically from ocean city and worcester county, right on down into akimack county. that's the green strip right there. they've even lifted that watch and advisory for the delaware beaches. so it's basically a concern that the surf, the rip currents, and the tides are going to be very high, down along the coast. so you'll need to take heed. what you're seeing there is the double-digit winds have calmed down. 13-mile-per-hour sustained winds. high winds out in the cumberland valley are the result of a front moving through. they could be generating winds stronger than what earl did on the coastline. gusts on the shore are around 20 miles per hour in cumberland. around 28. again, that front is pushing through. it's the same front that is going to help continue to move earl into the northeast. bob will have the complete updated first warning forecast. before the storm reached maryland. hurricane earl brought gusty winds to north carolina's coast.
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manuel gallegus reports for wjz, from the outer banks, where the cleanup is already under way. earl spared the yowrtd bank -- outer banks, a direct hit. >> it was a lot of shaking. a lot. >> around 2:00 in the morning, it woke us up. water hitting the door so hard at the hotel. >> reporter: wind gusted more than 75 miles per hour. and driving rain pelted the coast. utility crews are busy trying to restore power to thousands left in the dark. water surrounds many ocean front homes. little raven vance and her family woke up to find a wading pond right under their house. >> we had to park my little car over at that house. because we thought it was going to go under water. >> after a stormy morning, the sky started to finally clear up. and people are beginning to come back to the beach. it may be a tourist weekend here after all. thousands of vacationers were forced to evacuate as earl approached. >> we are open and hoping for a tremendous labor day weekend. it's supposed to be in the high
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90s. the weather is good. the sun is going to shine. >> and while the surf is still churning and road crews have plenty of sand to clear, hurricane history test today -- hurricane-tested residents here. wjz eyewitness news. >> now, earl pass the farther offshore than predicted. sparing north carolina one -- some of its strongest winds. to get forecast updates and to see live doppler radar any time, go to a gunman walks into a maryland workplace and takes three people hostage. wjz tracked that very tense situation at the discovery channel headquarters in silver spring. tonight, for the first time, we're hearing the frantic calls for help. kelly mcpherson is in the newsroom with the just-released newsroom. >> reporter: dozens of conversations have been released, describing the tense and scary situations inside the building, while employees were on lockdown.
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>> i can see the people on the floor in the building. >> there's people in the building? >> yes, i can see it. >> the world watched for four hours, while police negotiated with the gunman in silver spring. inside, employees were calling 911 for help. >> where are you located. >> discovery building. there's someone in the building with guns. >> 43-year-old james j. lee, armed with starter pistols and a home made pipe bomb, took hostages wednesday. authorities evacuated most who work at the channel, including children at the day care. >> he also pulled a handgun out and was waving a handgun. >> reporter: eventually, officers shot and killed lee when they heard a popping noise and thought that he had fired his gun. >> he came out the building with a revolver. at the people and told them to move. >> lee had been arrested before at this site, when he protested
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the discovery channel's programming. police found other home made bombs in a nearby home after they detonated. >> police say they were devising a escape plan from lee. we'll have more tonight from the police plan tonight. two children caught with a gun at school. tonight, they're both facing punishment. gigi barnett explains, the incident occurred at a top- performing school. >> kipp ujimma performing academy. they explained that to the students who brought it to school. and they, in turn, said how they got their hands on a loaded gun. >> reporter: shortly after in northwest baltimore, teachers made a disturbing discovery. they found two students. one 10, the other, 11, with an unloaded handgun in class.
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teachers were tipped off by other students who reported it. >> we commended all of the students who actually stepped up and did the right thing. >> shawn toller is the school's principal. he says once the gun was found in a boy's backpack, the school called police right away. that's when the boys revealed how they got their hands on the .38-caliber smith & wesson. >> they were cleaning the room of a deceased uncle. and they began horse playing. and they bumped into one of the dressers, and a teddy bear fell off of the dresser. and the gun was apparently inside of the teddy bear. >> if it was my child, i would have been livid. >> reporter: tonya buckson is a parent. she received this letter from the school. she blames the parents. >> it's a matter of how much of these parents communicating with their children about their action actions and reactions towards them. >> reporter: the action comes days after the start of a new school year. and the school says the next
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step now is making sure students stay safe. >> many of our students this morning, they stepped up and said, this is not typical of kipp. and so they want to partner together with us to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again. >> reporter: and tonight, the boys are back in their parents' custody. there is an investigation going on. but until that investigation is complete, the boys will remain at an alternative middle school. >> gigi barnett reporting live. it is the traffic stop that has put maryland wire tap laws on trial. today, the motorcycle rider who videotaped his encounter with police moved to have the charges against him dismissed. alex demetrick reports, the outcome could put police in the public's view finders. >> reporter: police have cameras trained on all of us. recording everything from arrests to calls for help. but when anthony graiber posted his high-speed motorcycle ride on you tube, the helmet cam he
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was recording his ride with recorded the stop by police. >> as soon as he allowed me to start taking my gear off, i turned the camera off. >> but because he recorded sound, he was charged with violating maryland's wire-tap law. they asked for this to be dismissed. >> citizens do have the right to document what public officials are doing, when they're performing, their public duties in public. >> the state's contention here is that the police have a right to tape all of us. and none of us have a tape -- i right to tape them. >> reporter: until the ruling, they will not speak. although joseph cafferty spoke earlier to wjz. >> i'm entirely in favor of reexamining this law. but if you're going to have the law on the books, i'm going to enforce it. >> the internet is filled with traffic stops taped by police. but in other cases, where a
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citizen taped it, the wire-tap law lost. it is now up to judge emery swift to make a decision. >> we are hopeful that the decision will support the opinion we're taken since day one. and that is that these charges were flagrantly improper. >> if the judge does not dismiss the wire-tap charges, anthony graiber could face up to 16 years in prison if convicted on all counts. a major announcement from the national aquarium in baltimore. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the national aquarium in baltimore says it's not enough just to see the dolphins anymore. it is time to save them. >> we are committed to becoming, as you've heard, a global leader in conservation, research and education. and an outspoken advocate for ocean health. >> reporter: the national
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aquarium is increasing its focus on conservation, by launching a conservation center. it will do many things, including chesapeake bay restorations, and studying the effects of the gulf oil spill on the sarasota bay in florida. >> and this is a logical extension of what you have already been doing. the restoration work that you have done on our shorelines is very impressive. wetlands restoration is important. and you have demonstrated how we can do wetland restoration, including in the inner harbor of baltimore. >> it will help make us not just the nation's leader in conservation and protecting our water habitat, but also the world's leader. so we are well on our way. again, a great pass and an even brighter future. >> the center has already received more than $700,000 in grants to study the effects of the oil spill on sting rays and on dolphins. denise, back to you. >> that's terrific. the aquarium was also at johns hopkins university and
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other aquariums on that research. >> important stuff. still to come. a girl's best friend in a little blue box. our first look inside the iconic jewelry store opening in maryland. a target 4 extension. i'm -- extinction. i'm pat warren. find out why a certain candidate is calling a certain incumbent an insideosaurus. a botched operation leaves a teenager in critical condition. and updated first warning weather still ahead. ,,,,,,,,
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marylanders are now casting votes in the state primary. reports of republican candidate for the u.s. senate has created his own unique image of the long-time incumbent. and eric's tv ad, called senator barbara mikulski, an insidersaurus. and origin of the species, her 30 years in congress. >> reporter: barbara mikulski, ibinhabitting washington for years. >> reporter: republican eric wargotz is the queen ann county's every-man, as he tells it. >> i don't feel at a disadvantage. i think i'm the candidate who is ready for these times and
6:18 pm
who can unseat barbara mikulski. >> reporter: but as seen in this you tube video, posted on her campaign website, mikulski isn't ready to given up that seat. >> what are your plans? i'd say, i'm not shy, and i'm not retiring. [ applause ] >> reporter: mikulski posessed as one of the most recognized politicians in the state. wargotz believes the level taps into the mood of the country. >> it taps into the mood of the country and marylanders, that entrenched-in politicians are not part of the answer. >> reporter: mikulski calls herself a fighter and reformer. and says those values should not go extinct. there is no tv ador poll that is going to tell me what is right for maryland. i will also put my trust in the people of our state. >> we don't look at it as a long shot. we just look at it as we're behind.
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>> he is a virtual shoo-in for the primary. voting started today. as facing the entire electorate in november, well, let's just say somebody's little high heels are pretty well dug in. >> reporting from northwest baltimore, i'm pat waren. wjz eyewitness news. >> a sparkling affair at towson town center. celebrates the arrival of an iconic jewelry store. >> it was billed as breakfast at tiffany's. an event of which even belgian actress audrey hepburn would have been proud. >> precision time pieces. and flawless diamonds can be found at many jewelry stores. but when customers see the iconic tiffany blue box, they can expect two things. a certain level of service and price. >> one of the most luxurious jewelry companies. >> welcome. >> reporter: the famed american
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jewelry store opened its doors friday. inside towson town center's new luxury wing. it was billed as breakfast at tiffany's, an event where customers ate fresh fruit and sipped mimosas. >> i'd like to go forever everything. -- for everything. that's the problem. but i do see a few things i like. >> everybody knows the beautiful tiffany blue box. we want to be baltimore's local jeweler. >> reporter: a high-end jewelry store seems out of sync with humbling economic times. keep in mind, however, that tiffany and company was founded in 1837, nearly 130 years before the great depression. so whether blue boxes or gems, it would appear tiffany's is here to stay. >> what could be more special than a 125-carat, aqua and marine diamond. >> the aqua marine brooch, i have a hard time saying that word, wrapped with a diamond
6:21 pm
bow, is currently the most expensive item in the store, valued at $125,000. denise, by the way, just jewelry here. not the gifts you also see at tiffany's. you have to go online for that. >> and that is what you got your wife, kai? that brooch? that's so nice. >> in my mind, yeah. in my heart. >> nice ring for you, denise. >> oh, yeah. >> that would be serious bling. >> brooch or townhouse? [ laughter ] >> so practical. go with the brooch. let's take a look around the region. right now, with a lot of sunshine in our area. it is warm. give r85. -- 85. and it's humid. humidity is 60%. no wind at all. it's pretty muggy out there. that's going to change. the barometer holding steady. come back and take a look at a great weekend after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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lots of temperatures. eaferl is wayuf off to the east. probably fromon to cape cod. may see winds are just over
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hurricane force now. this the pruls bridges us maybe a new sprinkles late tonight. but for the most bart, things will be prime proving with low humidity and bright blue sky in the 60s for highs tomorrow. 88, 85. 90 in d.c. and ocean city. 89 in elkton. this is probably one of the last reports that earl is a hurricane. later tonight, it should downgrade to a tropical storm. winds just above hurricane force. toward eastern canada. it will pass pretty close to nantucket. and eastern cape cod. for us, the clouds are moved
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out for the most part. looks like a great-looking weekend. as that storm moves away. dryer air coming in behind it. that's why it got so warm west of the bay with the bright sunshine. and the front coming from the west. going to bring us much cooler air and dryer air. beautiful weekend right now. ocean city has winds out of the west. only at 13. and cumberland, with that front. the winds west at 25. right here. winds are dead calm. we all start to see west breezes picking up. and tomorrow, with the front going through the area. it will be a beautiful, breezy afternoon. a lot sunshine. just a few clouds around. the chilly air coming in aloft will react with the heating on the ground and the sun. and a few pop-up clouds in the afternoon. you can see the bulk of the rain in the afternoon. ocean city only picked up 9/100ths of an inch of rain. almost nothing. and they did have a wind gust to only 37 miles per hour. not even tropical storm force winds. cool air and pleasant weekend. you better believe it. with winds tomorrow, as high as
6:27 pm
25 knots in the small craft advisory on the bay. so -- whoops. i don't know what happened to that. anyway, our forecast -- we'll get to it if we can pull it back up. but it's missing for some reason. i'll hold that five-day forecast for you for later. but yeah, anyway. 80 tomorrow, 78 on sunday. have a great weekend. >> i don't know what happened. >> we thought. offshore danger. the coast guard surveying the gulf of mexico. after the oil rig explosion. are there any new signs of a leak. hurricane earl moves away from ocean city. i'm adam may. an interview with the beach patrol, as they assess the storm and talk about why surfers are now allowed back in the water again. that's coming up. i'm suzanne collins in elkton. some doctors working at this clinic have suddenly had their license to practice in maryland ended. i'll explain how it involves an abortion. and a young woman being raised from here to a nearby hospital. that's coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,
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sunny. good evening. maryland dodges the worst of hurricane earl. but the storm is still causing dangerous conditions in ocean city waters. here's a look at the large waves crashing the shore. swimming restrictions remain in effect, as lifeguards watch for potentially deadly rip current off the coast. bob and tim is tracking earl's path. randall pinkston has preparations in massachusetts, where the storm is headed next. but we begin with adam may, reporting from ocean city, with the impact on beach-goers. >> reporter: feerching, once again -- good evening once again from ocean city. yes, the blue skies and sunshine have returned. but the ocean is still dangerous. joining us is captain bill. >> like you said, the beach is clearing off. looks a lot nicer than it was earlier today. right now, people are starting to venture out. we're still keeping night patrols on. still too dangerous to be
6:32 pm
swimming. we allowing body boarders and surfers to go in. >> what about people wanting to come in here and go in the water? >> we're going to have the most incredible weekend. the tropical storm hurricane took all of the humidity and clouds away. we'll have a great weekend. but what we're concerned about is rip currents. we'll be out here at 10:00 in the morning. and we'll let them go in as far as we can safely protect them. >> that was captain butch arbin with the bech pa-- beach patrol. as you heard, nobody is allowed in the water, except for very experienced surfers. in ocean city, i'm adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you, adam. first warning weather coverage continues now with bob andtism. we're tracking the storm as it finally move away from maryland. we begin with bob. >> we really did escape. ocean city picking up aenth tenth of an -- a tenth of an inch of rain. of course, we had the beach
6:33 pm
issues. that's still going to be an issue this weekend. take a look at raid -- radar. the storm moving well off to our east/northeast. heading to the eastern sections of massachusetts. they may see tropical storm force winds in that region late tonight into early saturday morning. take a look at the track quickly. as it moves off to the north and northeast of the region. there it goes, heading up towards eastern sections of canada. eventually way out of our picture. skies clearing out. and a very pleasant forecast for our region. tim has a look at what is left of the advisories for our region. and the weekend. tim? >> reporter: we're deputily looking at just one advisory that has not been lifted. as a matter of fact, this was just put on. it is a coastal flood statement that is in effect for the maryland and virginia beaches. delaware beaches, not even a part of this. at this point. but it is for the heavy swells, the very strong current. and the rip tides that we have been talking about. as earl makes his exit up to the northeast and across nova scotia and into canada. we're looking at a front that
6:34 pm
has generated thoarnlts. that -- thunderstorms. that front is going to wipe away this humidity out here. we're going to see temperatures noticeably lower, along with dew points. it's going to be a delightful weekend ahead. bob will have the updated forecast just ahead. hurricane earl is now headed for eastern massachusetts. residents have been asking to leave low-lying areas as the storm takes aim. randall pinkston has the preparations on cape cod. >> reporter: cape cod residents are making final preparations to ride out the storm. as the weakened earl churns toward eastern massachusetts. cory meters and his -- metters and his father spent the day boarding up the shop. >> living in new england, the weather is unpredictable. i'm hoping the weather will pass us with not much dng. >> reporter: with earl losing steam, they did not order evacuations. but they do want residents to take precautions. >> i would very much encourage
6:35 pm
folks to hunker down, stay safe in your hotel, your home, wherever you're staying. >> chris navarely has no qualms about staying with his daughter. >> i'm not going to sleep. >> because of the storm? >> yeah, the wind and the rain. >> reporter: forecasters expect high surf, rip currents, and wind gusts,ip to 60 mile -- up to 60 miles an hour. earl stayed 85 miles east of north carolina as it spun up the coast. heavy downpours caused flooding on the outer banks. and thousands lost electricity. but no injuries have been reported. they will still feel tropical weather. storm chaser devin to porec traveled to see the hurricane. >> i thought, how often do you get a chance to come to the northeast and chase a hurricane? >> while this town is used to nor'easters, new england hasn't seen a hurricane in more than
6:36 pm
two decades. in chatham, massachusetts, randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> stay with us for the latest on hurricane earl. to track the storm, get full updates and to see live doppler radar any time, go to a botched abortion leaves a teenager in critical condition in cecil county. now, suzanne collins reports, the state has suspended the licenses of two doctors and ordered another to stop practicing in the state. >> reporter: the elkton clinic is closed today. a cease-and-desist order on the door. the trouble began when dr. nicola riley performed a failed abortion on a teenager here on august 14th, perforating her uterus and cutting her bowel. the state has just suspended her license to practice medicine in maryland. also, the license of a 88-year- old doctor dispensing medicine. >> the information that came to us was so egregious and the
6:37 pm
allegation so serious that the state had to respond quickly. >> reporter: union hospital called police when the semi conscious teen arrived at emergency, with two doctors in a rental car, not in an ambulance. one of them was dr. riley. the other, dr. steven brigham, who owns this clinic and others in a number of states. >> investigators say security here at the hospital say dr. brigham and dr. riley were circumspect about who they were, what happened and where they came from. also, the state says, dr. riley went back to the clinic and performed another abortion. >> reporter: the clinic owner has no license to practice medicine. but the state says he was practicing abortions. they issue a stop and desist order. >> i contairnd the fetuses. -- contained the fetuses. up to 35. some of them appear to be close to full-term. >> some followed the doctor to his own clinic where he can't
6:38 pm
perform late-term abortions to elkton. dr. riley flew from her home in utah to perform the abortion. >> it's disturbing to me that this is going on in our town. >> reporter: suzanne collins, wjz eyewitness news. >> brigham operates four other clinics in baltimore, frederick and the d.c. suburbs. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. get a look at the makeover of president obama's office. coverage of the big night for local high school football teams. and tips for making a visit to cabbie's alley. for all of these stories, read the baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. permanent scars. a woman speaks about the horrifying attack that ruined her face. an expensive workout trend. doctors warned parents who hire trainers for their children.
6:39 pm
and here are the top stories on for updates on all the day's news, and the updated forecast, log onto ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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federal authorities open an investigation into the cause of a platform fire. all 13 workers on board the platform were rescued. mariner energy officials are still calling it a fire. a woman makes her first public appearance since she became the victim of a horrific acid attack. >> it was a horrific day. my heart stopped. i almost passed out. >> reporter: bethany storro was walking to starbucks when a stranger walked up, approached her, and threw a cup of acid in her face, causing a burn. researchers say the sunglasses she was wearing at the time of the attack probably spared her from going blind. with childhood obesity on the skyrocket, parents are paying up to $75 an hour for
6:43 pm
personal training session, for their children as young as 3 years old. doctors stress children need to avoid heavy weight lifting because their bones aren't fully developed. they say say weeping the weight -- keeping the weight off can help resist against adult diabetes. struck oil. or at least struck the oil company. steve hartman's everybody in the world has a story series tonight only on the cbs evening news. >> thank you, erica. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ♪ storyteller: little miss muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey. along came a burglar who broke into her home,
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and ransacked the place making off with several valuable tuffets. fortunately, geico had recently helped her with homeowners insurance. she got full replacement on her tuffets. the burglar was later captured when he was spotted with whey on his face. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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conditions are improving just in time bob will update the five-day forecast. but first, meteorologist tim williams is in the outback with what you can expect if you're going to the beach. and a more detailed look at what we can all expect if we're staying here tomorrow. definitely, the forecast across the state is going to be nice. as labor days go, this is going to be up near the top.
6:47 pm
ocean city, maryland. 84 degrees tomorrow. looking for clearing conditions, just a few clouds early on. and then a lot of sunshine. right on through the weekend. 84 tomorrow. sphefng on sunday. -- 77 on sunday. 83 on monday. again, the water temperature is in the mid70s. but you really need to heed the lifeguard's concerns and warnings. because the surf is very, very rough. and the rip current. then, as far as the rest of us, we're looking at temperatures staying around the 80-degree mark, starting off in the 60s, a lot of 60s. cool breeze. for the next five days, we send it in to bob. >> check out tomorrow night. 53 degrees. 52 on sunday night. may not even get to 80 tomorrow. upper 70s. low 80son monday. -- 80son monday. beautiful for labor day. cools down after that. we've got two hot ones. shouldn't be that humid. 91. and 90 on wednesday. have a great weekend. denise. >> thank you, bob. you, too. still to come tonight. a visiting pitcher has harsh words for tonight's game. >> bob is live at the ballpark.
6:48 pm
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6:50 pm
orioles are home for the labor day weekend. they'll take on the tampa bay rays cold front. and the ravens come in makes noise. the starting pitcher says he's
6:51 pm
going to shove it down their throat. he is mad that the o's hit him pretty badly in july. far asa is pretty good. he has dominated the o's, except for that day in july. they'll get started in about 15 minutes. and you can see it in masn hd. to football now, the ravens will begin the next week with a preseason loss in st. louis last night. no rest for the weary. most of the starters sat out the game last night. they were fresh for today's workout. the first practice for the newest raven, josh wilson, who was a defensive back, obtained in a trade from seattle earlier this week. wilson is a maryland native. plays are the for the terps excited to help out a team. >> we will do whatever it takes to get to the super bowl.
6:52 pm
i'm going to be part of that. i test that way. and you know, whatever you want to do. i'm going to try to make it happen. >> well, the ravens have cut this. before they announced their 53- man roster, which is tomorrow. then it's to the regular season. and the openers, coming your way monday night, assessment 13th. and you can see the ravens, taking on the jets right here on wjz 13. special live coverage comes your way at 6:30. steelers qb, ben rothless berger has his suspension reduced. the original six-game pernality, now -- penalty, just reduced. the four games roethlisberger will miss, including a meeting with the ravens, october 3rd. playing host to a college clash monday. navy and maryland will meet. it's the first meeting between the two since they played five years ago. it was a tight game, where the
6:53 pm
terps won with a comeback. terps are fired up for another shot at the midshipman monday. >> i mean, the whole state is excited about. you cant go -- can't go anywhere without somebody being excited about the game. >> we're excited. getting back on track. last season ended, you know, pretty bad. and you know, as a senior and me and adrian trying to go back. navy is considered the busying team. still kicking off labor day monday at 4:00. the first overtime game in college. pittsburgh's first possession in overtime. fast picked up by utah's brian blecken. chip shot field goal that would give utah the victory. 27-24 overtime on the first night. and should tell you, towson opened the season last night with a loss at indiana. and morgan state will play at
6:54 pm
buoy tomorrow night. orioles and rays, highlights at 11:00. thank you very much, mark. and of course, the football season around the corner. sign up now. log onto and match up against our team of 10, count them, 10, experts. you can even win a prize. it's only on just go to the home page to sign up. >> bob turk is one of those experts. always. he's an expert in everything, actually. >> i guess so. we'll find out. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. don't miss tonight's cbs primetime lineup. flash point, followed by eyewitness news at 11:00, here on wjz.
6:58 pm
a light note. a man took time to skinny dip before hurricane earl. the beachers took precautions. but this guy decided it was the perfect time to swim in his birthday suit. police were not amused. they handed the man a towel to preserve his dignity and took him into custed on -- custody. and zebra impostors hit the streets. horses and ponies, painted like zebras, appeared in downtown moscow to remind drivers to obey traffic laws. the black and white stripes represented the crosswalks on the streets. they put this together to ensure children's safety as they return to school. young pedestrians got a chance to ride the animals and learn vital traffic safety rules. >> you wouldn't catch them skinny dipping in ocean city. >> no. thanks for watching wjz, maryland's news station. ,,
6:59 pm
>> hill: tonight, the labor day guests nobody wants. earl closes in on new england after wearing out his welcome in north carolina. i'm erica hill. also tonight, a powerful magnitude seven earthquake hits new zealand. buildings have crumbled, roads are blocked, but it isn't over yet as the country braces for more aftershocks. plus, the long road back. businesses are hiring again, but not fast enough. and how did a man who began his life here end up living here? everybody in the world has a story. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> hill: good evening, katie is off. north carolina's governor says her state dodged a bullet today but will the northeast be as lucky? hurricane earl is now a category one storm.

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